Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a letter to the interweb

dear interweb,
sometimes you make me really sad about my past. i know it's slightly stupid to look at things i know will upset me, but some times you just make it so darn easy [read: tempting]. also, i wish i knew more about how to control you without having to spend half my time during these beautiful sunny days trying to figure out how. as a resistance my website is still an outdated mess.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

woods, rain, silver ions to silver metal

i learned so much about chemistry and photography and filmmmaking in the mountains in the past week that i don't even know what do with all this new knowledge. phil soloman told me stories about abraham ravett in grad school. i met two filmmakers with a new film arts collective in montreal, a girl who lives on a boat with her girlfriend (who happens to be a hampshire grad) on a canal in brooklyn, a girl from fargo who knows matt newman from media services, a woman who works with artificial intelligance, a high school teacher, a guy who's family moved from canada to florida, a mad scientist filmmaker and his family ran the whole group, and we ate amazing gormet vegan food the whole time. we also hiked up a mountain to a basin with pristine lakes and snow to fill our water bottles with. i know how to process all kinds of film, make my own emulsions and cameras, as well as tons about chemistry. all and all i'd say it was a well worth it experience (pictures to come). i can tell it's going to take a while to let all this information ferment while i figure out what my next step is going to be. all i know is that i'm in a for an exciting experimental adventure.

in the next few weeks i have to get ready for indian market yet again. i've read about 300 pages of harry potter in the last two days. i've been sitting at the santa fe baking company all after noon. it's too rainy to ride my bike unless i wake up at 6am. this is my little life. great things are coming, i can feel it as much as i can hear the thunder outside, but for now i have to just wait for it.