Wednesday, November 28, 2007

my dad

that's my brother Brian's mom with Dad, on the only night they spent together at an AC/DC concert in Germany. "that poor girl got pregnant that night"

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

North Dakota

there's lots of babies here. my favorite cousin is lexi. my other cousins got me too drunk last night. now lexi and i are sitting on a pink princess bed waiting for the slowest internet ever to work! more to come later.

i can't believe that lissa saw the bunny sleeping! we didn't think that the bunny slept because she's always so crazy. also, the link that trey sent me on my facebook was really funny. also it's like almost 6 and i still feel sick.

Friday, November 9, 2007

my days are long

8:10 am: wake up and look out the window

8:15-9:30 am: read "incidents of travel and adventure in the far west" by s.n. carvalho

9:30-10 am: make coffee, discover google movies search, talk on the phone with boyfriend

10 am-12:15 pm: realize that i need new jeans while getting dressed

12:30-1:00 pm: go to hampshire and pick up a bolex to use over the weekend, talk about broken monitors and borrowing the same said bolex for thanksgiving

1:30-2 pm: make a double batch of asian cabbage tofu slaw to get me through the weekend

2-present: get back on the interweb, read rob's new column and update blog twice

afternoon/evening plans:
sew jeans, drink water, possibly work on div 3, go to bikram yoga (even though i said i'd take a break today), pick up danielle and make dinner.
later trey will get here. tomorrow we'll go to north adams and see yo la tango at mass moca.

most of these plans have nothing to do with working on my div 3, which i'm sure would make the days way more productive.

daddy needs a drink

Rob Wilder is a genius and everyone should read his column, whether you know him or not.

However, if you knew this particularly good English teacher you'll appreciate it that much more.