Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the fabulous life of los angeles

Last Saturday I went to the Palasades and drank a lot of really good wine from a wine cellar and bar-b-qued some delicious veggies. This was all following an afternoon in the sun sitting by a big pool/hot tub with a waterfall. As if that wasn't good enough I slept in a bed that I swear was bigger than a king size, no joke.
Tuesday I met Michel Gondry at a book signing. Daniel and I arrived late though and didn't get to see him speak. Neither of us really wanted to buy the 50 page pamphlet like book so I decided to "Swede" his book. If you didn't see 'be kind rewind' then you don't know what I'm talking about and it's too much to explain here right now in my slightly incoherent ramble about "livin' the life." Basically I made a book with an illustrated story of how we wanted to meet him but didn't get there early enough to see him speak. He was amazed when we got up to the table saying, in his tres adorable french accent, "They sveded my book! They sveded by book!" and then asked if I would sign it for him. That's right, I met Michel Gondry at a book signing for his new book and I signed a book and gave it to him! Woah.

He signed my post-it note and then we took the most awkward photo ever:
After that we headed to Hollywood and went to some bars with Emily-Rose, Josh Lee, and our new friend Erin.
On Thursday I went to a super ritzy restaurant Lola's (the kind you have to make reservations at) on Fairfax, most likely just filled with slightly famous people I've never heard of. Then we (my new friend Cassidy and I) went to an equally swanky bar made of marble and glass called the Crown Club, where I had the best dirty martini I've ever drank. This was followed by a series of cocktails the bartender, Richard, told me nothing about and were soon deemed the "Delicious." The DJ played Spoon twice in that night and I obviously danced harder than anyone else in the club.
Friday, after working on an awkward Disney show called "Sonny with a Chance" I went with Josh to the wrap party of Twilight, the teen vampire movie he's been working on that's supposedly gonna take off like Harry Potter with blood drawing fangs. I quickly charmed my way into the circle of film people deciding that I would do yoga with the sound designer/composer, who's amazingly huge Bel Air house we were at. He happens to be the guy who did sound for great films like The Thin Red Line and the Lion King. He gave me the most amazing little amulet that is a turtle on one side and a Buddha on the other.

Sunday night we all went to a comedy show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade hosted by Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Then we all went dancing to funk/soul at a little joint called Short Stop that used to be an old Police Headquarters (or something along those lines). Many beers later we closed down the place and at around 2:30 or 3am we bought cheese and jalapeno tamales out of the trunk of some guy's car.
Today I gave a tour of NBC (as per my work duties) and then worked at the Tonight Show (yes the one with Jay Leno) where I got to see Michelle Obama talk about Barak's romantic side. Chris Rock made a nod, in joke form, about the pages, which excited all of us to know that we've been noticed.
This week on the show I'll see Sarah Silverman, the Cold War Kids, the Kooks, and Deathcab for Cutie.

I heart LA.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Los Angeles I'm Yours or I'm an NBC Page

I moved to Los Angeles, got an amazing apartment, a vintage 1950's dinette set, and I love my job. More details to come, but for now read this article and blog post below about my kick ass (entry level) job:

Nbc: Harvard Less Selective Than NBC's Grueling Page Program